Euthanasia Moral Dilemma Essay

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Euthanasia a Moral Dilemma
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Unit 7 – Bioethics and Medical Ethics Euthanasia is the humane and compassionate act of ending a person’s life because their immediate physical circumstance is so bad that death would be a blessing. This discussion is about voluntary euthanasia, where a terminally ill person requests assistance in dying and the moral dilemma it holds ("Voluntary Euthanasia (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)," 2014) A moral dilemma occurs where there are mutually exclusive moral actions to take in a given situation ("Moral Dilemmas (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)," 2002). Voluntary
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Non-consequential ethics is about intent and regardless of intentions; the consequence of euthanasia is both personal and permanent. Therefore, consequence trumps intent. Virtue ethics focuses on moral character and habitual behavior; therefore, it would not be an appropriate yardstick. Virtue ethics is a great moral compass to use to navigate through life’s obstacles, however, euthanasia is a specific, extremely personal act, and each case ought to be considered individually. In the end, the virtue ethics of the infamous Dr Kevorkian was disruptive to the discussion of euthanasia. The media circus around Dr Death leaves one to wonder his ethics and morals altogether. Therefore, when contemplating euthanasia, consequentialism is the best theory to apply. The situation will be unique for every patient, perhaps not the fact they are terminal, but their rights as individuals to choose how they will die is unique and personal. The choice to become terminally ill was not theirs, but they ought to have a choice on how much pain and suffering they are willing to

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