Euthanasia Is Not A Terrible Action Essay

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Mercy by Death

Releasing a love one from a painful slow death might not seem like a ruthless action to some people, but to most it is. The idea of knowingly letting someone die is unthinkable to most people; this is until they are put in a position to choose. These heartbreaking decisions can arise at hospitals, in the battlefield, or even at your local veterinarian clinic. Euthanasia is not a terrible action; it is a non-selfish decision that stops the suffering of a person; seeing as though it is not motivated by anger like murder it should become legal. Why penalize people for wanting to stop the suffering of others. Then the opposing view of course is that killing of any kind cannot be justified.

Opposing View
In the eyes of those who oppose the act of Euthanasia, all killing is wrong. Most people who are against assisted suicide are against it because of religious views. The opposing views are actually primarily religious reasons. (, 2008) In the viewpoint of Christians this assisted suicide is wrong because: it violates the sanctity of human life, it is not a genuine expression of faith or Gods presence of power, and it violates the sanctity of life and Christian conscience. (, 2010) Although, a person’s religious views cannot be changed , their perspective can. Changing a person’s perspective mainly comes with a life changing experience. For example a person who is a against assisteed suicides may change his/her mind after seeing their…

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