Essay Euthanasia Is Defined As Ending The Life

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Euthanasia is defined as ending the life or permitting the painless death for reasons of mercy of an individual whose suffering is unbearable because of their chronic or acute disease ( This is done with good intension. It traditionally means a good death. Ending the life of the sufferer may well be the cheapest and easiest way to end their suffering. What is unbearable? What degree of disability would qualify? Unbearable means “so unpleasant, distasteful, or painful as to be intolerable” ( This should be permitted for those who are suffering from terminal illness and incurable diseases; those who are unlikely to benefit from the discovery of a cure for that illness during what remains of his/her life expectancy; those who are suffering from intolerable pain or only has available life that is unacceptably burdensome (because the illness has to be treated in ways that lead to him/her being unacceptably dependent on others or on technological means of life support); and those who has an enduring voluntary and competent wish to die or has, prior to losing the competence to do so, expressed a wish to die in the event the above conditions are satisfied (Voluntary Euthanasia, 2007).
Today, modern medical technology is able to keep some dying patients alive indefinitely even when treatment is no longer beneficial; however, this also has provided a moral and ethical dilemma. Many people believe that terminally ill individuals should be able to end…

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