Euthanasia And Its Ethical Applicability Essay

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Euthanasia refers to the practice of intentionally ending someone’s life to relieve the patient from pain and suffering. Many researchers have significantly discussed the euthanasia and its ethical applicability. For example, James Rachels, Bonnie Steinbock and John Hardwig and Brock have vividly offered the exposition of their thoughts and opinions regarding the intentional and deliberate termination of someone’s life. Notably, the cessation of the employment of extraordinary means of prolonging an individual’s life when there is refutable evidence that the biological death is imminent should be the decision of the patient or the immediate family. In this sense, the advice and the judgment of the physician should be open and readily available to the patient himself or his or her immediate relatives. Regarding this, I strongly disagree the idea and thoughts as argued by John Hadwig in his paper.
In the article, Hadwig contends that “people have the duty to die” (Hadwig 32). I think this is an irresponsible statement that is based on the personal thoughts and confusion and should not be related to life and death. He argues that there are circumstances when people have the duty to face death. This is because the modern medicine has continued to save many people from acute illness and deliver more of them to various chronic illnesses. The author believes that the “duty to die in this case is based on the fact that one is meant to refuse life-prolonging medical treatment and…

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