Euthanasi Preservation Or Condemnation

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Legal State of Euthanasia: Preservation or Condemnation Imagine lying on a hospital bed in a state of perpetual intense agony with no sign of relief within the distant future and being reduced to a completely undignified and incompetent human being. If only there was a way to end it all, in a quick and painless way. Why prolong the inevitable in favor of a few more stretched moments of suffering. There is one solution that comes to mind; doctors should be able to legally end their patient’s sufferings with consent of the patient. I believe euthanasia should be legalized at least nationally with strict regulations because it can end a person’s suffering, give a person a chance to die on their own accord with dignity, and it is a choice above …show more content…
Even if euthanasia was legalized, it does not necessarily mean that one must go through with the action. It just means that there is a new option available for those who do not wish to prolong their lives any further. Those who do not want to suffer even more and lessen whatever is left of their quality of life. Every human being is endowed with the right to life, but we should also have a balance to that which is the right to die under specific circumstances. Now of course there must be strict regulations, for example, patients should only be able to receive to option to be euthanized after medical examines show no sign of recovery to a stable lifestyle. Just because a patient is tormented by the mental agony that stems from depression or other mental illnesses, it does not mean that they can be euthanized upon their request. It is up to the doctors to make sure that they cannot do anything else to improve their patient’s condition beyond euthanasia (Tomasini 105). It should be a final resort and should be reserved for when all else fails. The patient must be mentally able and lucid enough to understand their request and the consequences of their choice upon being offered the chance of relieving their anguish. The doctor should never be able to make the decision to euthanize his or her patient without their consent even if the patient is terminally ill or has an incurable disease. Without consent, euthanasia just becomes a plain case of

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