Euthanasi An Accidental Killing Of A Patient Essay

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1. Introduction
Euthanasia is defined as intentional killing to end a person’s suffering, typically only classed as such when carried out by a medical professional. The ‘Oxford dictionary’ [source 1] defines euthanasia as “The painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma”. The ‘World Federation of Right to Die Societies’[source 2] states that the term is derived and compounded from the Greek words “eu”, meaning “good”, and “thanatos”, meaning “death”. The ‘World Federation of Right to Die Societies’ says that euthanasia is distinguished “from most other forms of taking life” due to that fact that “life is taken for the sake of the person whose life it is”.
[source 3] ‘The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’ states that for a patient’s death to qualify as voluntary euthanasia, they must be “suffering from a terminal illness”, “unlikely to benefit from the discovery of a cure for that illness during what remains of her life expectancy”, “is, as a direct result of the illness, either suffering intolerable pain, or only has available a life that is unacceptably burdensome”, “has an enduring, voluntary and competent wish to die or has, prior to losing the competence to do so, expressed a wish to be assisted to die” and “is unable without assistance to end her life”.
The topic isn’t as simple as it seems in theory, as everybody who wishes to undergo euthanasia will have different circumstances and it can be difficult to…

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