Euthanasi A Controversial Issue Of Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia is a highly debated topic that has been brought up on numerous occasions. The most recent occasion, involving a young lady named Brittany Maynard who moved to Oregon to legally end her life with the help of a physician, is only one of many stories that circulate the topic of euthanasia. The discussion of euthanasia is often associated with abortion, mercy killings, and murder cases. As with most debated topics, there are people who stand firmly on either side of the issue, and those who stand in the middle. Those who are pro-euthanasia argue four different points: that one has autonomy over their own body, and should be allowed when to end their life, that allowing those who wish to commit physician-assisted suicide the opportunity to do so would save the government money, that people can put a Do Not Resuscitate order in their living will and that physician-assisted suicide is no different, and that by forbidding euthanasia one is condemning terminally ill patients to cruel and unusual suffering. On the other side of the coin, there are those who are con-euthanasia. These people also argue four different points: that there should be a universal respect for human life that euthanasia would infringe upon, that there is a right to be allowed to die, and not a right to die, that allowing euthanasia would undermine the quality of palliative care, and that allowing euthanasia would harm those with disabilities, those who are poor, the elderly, minorities, and women.…

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