European Union Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan Essay

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1024 Chickens Europe has turned to Skynet for farming advice. European Union agriculture commissioner Phil Hogan announced last Friday a multi-billion dollar plan to integrate digital sensors in every aspect of crop production to “produce more with less.” For instance, data from satellites could determine how best to apply fertilizers and pesticides, thus improving efficiency and crop yields. This undertaking would have been unthinkable a decade ago. But a new advance - parallel computing - has plowed through the computational challenges to make it a reality. University of Michigan professor Quentin Stout defines parallel computing as the use of multiple computer processors in combination to solve a single problem. The idea is simple on face: break up the task into small chunks which can be solved individually and then combined to produce a larger solution. Parallelism means addressing each chunk simultaneously rather than one at a time - which is much faster than a sequential approach. Parallel computing has the ability to reshape every aspect of our lives, revolutionizing computing and enabling scientists to perform complex tasks from modelling the weather to providing personalized medical treatments. Today, we’ll dig into the science of parallel computing, examining its development, its benefits, and finally, its implications.

Seymour Cray, who developed some the most advanced supercomputers of the 60s and 70s once quipped: "If you were plowing a field, which…

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