Essay European Financial Crisis

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Short paper report of EBE:

“European Financial Crisis”


Rob van persie


This report has been written as an assignment for IBMS student. I have chosen to research European financial crisis; which has underlined the difficulty of taking concerned action in Europe because its economies are far integrated than governing structures.
My research was focused the world crisis but especially the financial crisis between European countries and the inconvenient for the rest of the world.
Working on this report develops our knowledge about financial markets and business environment itself. It was challenging and interesting project.
And also because, Mr. Rene van der Linden gave us the
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The world crisis, especially European has affected each country individually and differently. The crisis affected a large number of workers on the labour market including also many who had secure jobs. In some countries women, young people and migrants workers are particularly affected as temporary and short-term contract employees are laid-off.

As we face up to the worst recession for decades, the G20 and some organizations like the OECD ( Organization for economic cooperation and development),are working to help governments soften the impact of the crisis for those who will be worst hit and to lay the foundations of a stronger global economy for the future generations.
Their strategic to the crisis is to emphasize the need, to align regulations and incentives in the financial sector, to ensure tighter oversight and risk management. And at the end to urge governments to review and upgrade their national policies and improve international coordination in order to restore the condition for economic growth.

For tackling this crisis the European Union, private firms and international organization have varied in their response to the financial crisis, reflecting differing views over the proper policy course to pursue and the unequal effects of the financial crisis and the economic downturn. Initially, some EU members preferred to address, analyze the

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