Euro-and-Greece-Explained Essay

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Chapter 1: Executive Summary
This policy paper has been conducted for Catherine Ashton a European Commissioner who took over from Benita Ferrero-Waldner as the High Representative for the Union for Foreign Affairs and
Security policy (Also known as the High Representative), responsible for negotiating on behalf of the member states regarding foreign policies.
The paper aims to provide evidence to support facts that the further emergence of China, may threaten the Economic Competitiveness of the European Union. In order for China and the European
Union (who are big players within the global market) to form a relationship under the process of globalisation, there are steps that are needed to allow this to happen.
Example 2
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The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations account for about 25% of the world economy, a quarter of worlds land and more than 40% of the global population’ (Stracca, 2013).
The policy paper is based on the emergence of China; the cause of success for China is the introduction of their ‘open door policy’
‘Deng Xiaoping set in train the transformation of China's economy when he announced a new
"open door" policy in December 1978’ (BBC, 2003). This was due to Deng coming to terms with the fact the China would need Western technology and invest to propel itself forward as one of the worlds major economies.
We have established that China was previously the third largest exporter in the world and second when it comes to the status of the European Unions trading partner.
Previously discussed the levels of imports from China have increased by 16.5% year only varying in 2009 due to the financial crisis (Nello, 2012).
Example 2
Biased trade policies set by China (the global competitor of this policy paper) in its further emergence will have a negative affect on the competitive levels of the European Union. China naturally a communist county has the ambition to achieve greater power in the global economy over its competitors by rapidly developing the industries with the use of one-sided rules.
The rise in production of cars and electronics shows that China is becoming more competent with different sectors within

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