The American Revolution Chapter 2 Analysis

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When it comes to the idea of the American Revolution and whether it was truly revolution or not, taking a closer look into the roles of ethnic groups during this time can help answer that question. Euro-American people wanted freedom from Britain and its rule, while native american people wanted freedom from the Euro-Americans to live in the traditions they were accustom too. Although Colonist received what they desired, a revolution, the latter group did not. From the view point of the immigrant Europeans, the revolution was a much needed separation of the colonies from Great Britain’s control. They viewed the way British authority controlled them as a terrible act of injustice saying, “…identified British tyranny as a form of slavery…”. …show more content…
Indigenous people, however, did not quite fit this ideology. When the colonist looked at the Native American people, they saw savagery and uncivilized people. “In order to survive, Jefferson declared, Indians must adopt the culture of white man.” (Takaki, A Different Mirror chapter 2 page 46) The white men believed that in their newfound freedom, they needed to make progress as a whole, and if indigenous people did not conform to their ideology of civilization, they did not belong. Before the revolution, indigenous americans saw their traditions and lifestyle disappearing slowly before their eyes. The white man sought to convert native americans to their ways and beliefs or get rid of them [Indians] all together. Native Americans warned about the “strange men” coming for many years and they were not looking forward to their arrival. After the arrival of europeans, it was written, “If the white man had stayed on the other side of the big water…we Indians would have been better off for we are neither white men nor Indians now”. (Takaki A different Mirror Chapter 4 page 96) After the revolution, Native american were set father apart from colonist society. The homes of Indian peoples were seized and land taken away by the government. Indigenous people were told to convert to white society or they received the consequences. Many Native Americans died due to

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