Essay about Eudora Welty 's Delta Wedding

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Delta Wedding is more than a wedding, this book shows a family struggling to accept outsiders. The author of Delta Wedding is Eudora Welty. The main characters are Laura, Troy and Robbie. Welty shows that family is important and close-knit and occasionally do not accept outsiders if the Fairchilds do not want to. The characters believe they are unique and anyone outside of this family will never have the qualities they think they are born with.
The book Delta Wedding by Eudora Welty is more than a love story. This book shows how a family is not accepting to outsiders. It can be difficult to fall in love when no one wants to accept anyone outside of the Fairchilds family. The women care most about how the family is. They want to keep the family the highest out of all other families in the Delta. If a couple loves each other enough they can make it through the comments and negativity to be able to live their lives together as a couple. Not only is this book on couples making it into the family but family not as close can become more close if they really want to be involved.
In this book Laura struggles to fit in. She continuously talks about the way the Fairchilds look and then how poorly she looks. Throughout the beginning Laura continuously talks about how the girls look by going into great detail. At one point Laura describes how India, Laura’s cousin, looks then Laura says how bad her own hair looks. “Her hair was all spun out down her back, and she had a blue ribbon in…

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