Ethnic Bias Against Minorities And Women Within The Motion Picture Of Arts And Sciences

1188 Words Mar 24th, 2016 null Page
Over the years, several Oscar categories traditionally offer a mix of gender, race and sexual orientation among nominees, including documentaries, shorts films, feature animations costume design, hair/make up and editing. As such, based on this year’s Oscar nominations, the general consensus does reflect institutional bias against minorities and women within the motion picture of Arts and Sciences. The academy’s lack of diversity has become so evident that, it attracted a lot of attention from not only the public but to a lot of Hollywood stars who are on the minority side of the spectrum. Diversity does prevail in the film industry, As a matter of fact; the lack of diversity was so obvious that, it prompted some African American stars to boycott the nominations. Boycotting the Oscar is the right way to express their anger and frustration about diversity going on in Hollywood. Moreover, several actresses commented on video footages addressing their opinions with respect to the nominations. Jada Pinkett is one of those that presented the most effective argument about the lack of diversity. Racial segregation, integration and lack of acknowledgement are some of the reasons why boycotting the Oscars is the right way to go.

Racial segregation is one of the reasons why African Americans should boycott the Oscars because we are no longer in the 1950s.Based on an SIRS Issue Researcher, “The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination in all places of public accommodation…

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