Ethics Within The Criminal Justice Essay

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For this assignment, I will analyze ethics within the Criminal Justice field. “The Criminal Justice system is the United States is immense: 1,464 adult correctional facilities, 3,061 juvenile residential facilities, 17,985 law enforcement agencies, 2,341 state prosecutors’ offices, 93 U.S. attorneys’ offices, 94 U.S. judicial districts, and countless other federal, state, and local organizations” (Gilban, 2014). In other words, “the system comprises a large number of diverse organizations- in purpose, budget, geographic location, and a number of workers- employing well over a million workers” (Gilban, 2014). With a system that employs so many individuals, ethical behavior is fundamental to the success of the organization.
Professional behavior and ethics are considered to be essential characteristics of criminal justice departments and administrations across the nation. Ethics help aid us in being able to determine the right choice and assist us in making the correct decision, when we are challenged with a dilemma concerning moral issues. Ethics revolves around making moral decisions about what is considered to be right or wrong, good or bad. Criminal justice administrations regularly come across ethical problems therefore it is very vital to address these issues in a professional manner. When confronted with these issues, it is the duty of the administration to decipher what is found to be correct or immoral (which entails proper critical thinking skills).
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