Ethics Of A Good Code Of Ethics Essay example

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Organizations with a strong ethical culture are characterized by acknowledging the duty to serve anticipating the demands and assuming their responsibilities before they are raised as complaints, or before the damage occurs. Thus, organizations are faced with the need to take proactive measures (anticipating events) to ensure the proper understanding and acceptance of their responsibilities and transmit it to society. This general requirement can be analyzed in different ways, and so often highlighted a series of "ethical needs" of organizations. First, organizations need to ensure confidence of society. This confidence is undermined by the proliferation of scandals and corporate wrongdoing, and his extensive media exposure. In addition, organizations have to build a corporate culture that identifies them and allows the identification of its members with it. When a good code of ethics is implemented the goal is for the organization to maintain a low level of internal conflict, and if conflicts arise, have effective mechanisms to solve them. Finally, I should mention that today 's organizations tend to be complex and thrive in a pluralistic environment. This makes it essential for organizations to have an effective integration mechanism, so that the energy and the creative and productive capacities of all its members are effectively coordinated, and a common definition of minimum standards of conduct and personal treatment everywhere due to members of the organization,…

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