Ethics And The Medical Field Essay

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Actions that are right or wrong is all a matter of a difference of opinion amongst individuals. What they learn from their family, where they grew up, what institutions they attend, their religious views, and their reflection of themselves and the world around them, all influence their morals and ethical beliefs. New ideas are constantly emerging causing us to consistently review and reconsider our beliefs. One idea that emerged and caused ethical consideration is the goal of keeping ill persons alive. This first came in the nineteenth century and has since given rise to moral questions on the care for patients. The importance of a good death also became a large public topic, which lead to do not resuscitate orders and hospice care centers. The purpose of this paper is to give a better understanding of ethics and its relationship to the medical field. It will give an example of tissue ownership and demonstrate how ethics causes debates about such topics.
Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with values concerning human conduct. These values help cultures determine what actions are appropriate and inappropriate and which motives of such actions are good or bad. Ethical values help humans decipher correct ways to handle problems. Boyd suggests moral problems are an interpretation of events viewed from a perspective that history and tradition have helped to shape. Perception plays a large role in ethical issues today. The way a culture perceives a moral problem, will…

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