Ethics And Ethics Of Social Science Essay

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Every day, those in social science aim to do research while remaining ethical. Some situations involve tough decisions based on ethics, and cannot always be looked at in the cultural perspective of the one doing research. Such cases are beneficial and can help educate others about the decisions anthropologists have to make without being ethnocentric. Two anthropologists, Terry Kelly and Rose Stone, were given tough situations revolving around ethics. In the end, they both made the right decisions because they maintained the ideas of the cultures, and did not change their environments. The first case involves a woman named Terry Kelly. Since her fieldwork involved being in a region with Malaria, she was given a lot of medication by the National Institute of Mental Health. Many of the villagers around her already had Malaria. Although she had more than enough medication for herself, she refused to share her medication with her reasoning being that she wanted the villagers to gain a resistance to the disease since she would not be around forever. I was raised in a society that tries to aim for a moral standpoint, which includes my religious beliefs. When I first read this case, I was appalled that Kelly did not share her medication because Malaria can be fatal. Living in a society where I can go get medicated if necessary, I believe that everyone should have access to medication. vI was also upset because she tried to reason by saying she wanted the culture to grow…

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