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Andre Brown

March 17, 2015

PP510- Public Administration

Urban Cleaves


To: Governor

From: Human Resources

Department Date:

March 17, 2015

RE: Early Retirement Notice

In accordance with the early retirement implementation of the Human Resource Department, this written notice is hereby given of impending early retirement changes to be implemented by our department as a result of (state funding), (office or department closure), (position elimination), which will affect current assignments. This will affect 20% of our employers and will take effect in 6months. This is why will be taking all necessary action to avoid more cuts.

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This provide a way to build convince and trust with the staff. Which in terms will help them be more cheerful employees, allow them to focus on the companies goals. Target Monitoring will also allow the leadership to see what things are on task with the company. Being on task show that the company is being proactive and cares about the success of the company. We the leader is involved with the employee, it shows the employee that the leader cares about. An organization is driven by the performance of the team and not just one individual, team cooperation is a must, between all employees. Budget Deficit Plan
Elevate the budget deficit and see how the early retirement plan will affect the budget. The company will provide a quarterly current budget and deficits. With the guided instructions throughout this budget process it will help with critical services and provide support for the company.
Build Operational Capacity plan
The company will provide team members with the necessary tools to achieve their target goals with the organization. We will address all resources, training, provide needed technology to the necessary departments within the organization. Whatever it takes to reach the necessary goal with the company.
Thank you,

There are many challenges faced by government managers when budget deficits including the private sector 1. Budget constraints

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