Euthanasia In Australia Essay

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Euthanasia is defined in numerous ways in current literature. However the oldest definition given for euthanasia derives from the Greek words which are ‘Eu and Thanatos’ meaning ‘a good death’ In current literature Euthanasia is also referred to as ‘Mercy killing’ (Devakirubai & Gnanadurai, 2014). Another literature describes Euthanasia as the deliberate bringing about of the passing of a patient by act or oversight in the setting of medical care (Keown, 2005).
A patient who requests death due to suffering or pain and is willing to or gives consents to being euthanased is a voluntary patient (Fenigsen, 2012). Non voluntary euthanasia is causing death of a person who is incapable of granting consent (Paterson, 2008) and involuntary euthanasia
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Nor the Australian state law or the territory law has legalized euthanasia, even though a brief legislation on active voluntary euthanasia was in place for the Northern Territory. Therefore acts of euthanasia is illegal in Australia (Bartels & Otlowski, 2010). A person carrying out Euthanasia might face prosecution for unlawful killing and be charged with manslaughter or murder or other offence such as assisting with suicide (McDonald & Then, 2014).
Most States of Australia carry a legislation in regards to criminal law offences of murder and manslaughter. The several few States which has not had a legislation put in place follows the common law. In order to be found guilty of murder in Australia, the accused has to be proven to have had the intention of killing the victim (patient) and have caused the death, however the reason or motive behind the killing is not taken into consideration when a judgment is made (McDonald & Then,

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