Ethical Movie Ethical Dilemma

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At the beginning of the movie Tommy a rookie cop and senior cop are patrolling and find themselves following a Lincoln navigator like the one announced as stolen. When John, the senior cop starts pursuing the vehicle and turns the siren lights on signaling them to stop. Tommy knows that it’s not the right vehicle and verbally mentions it to John. John, however, proceeds to stop the vehicle. After he comes up to the driver’s window, he asks for license and registration and tells them to step out and checks the man for alcohol consumption. John also searches the couple without a legal reason to back his search. Tommy tries to let John know that what he is doing isn’t the right procedure. In consequence, he is told to follow orders and keep quiet. John also sexually harasses the man’s wife while …show more content…
Clearly, John’s actions are disrespectful, prejudice, and illegal. Tommy being in the position as a newly hired cop. Chooses to do nothing about the situation that he encounters. The code that best fits this situation is code number two; Social Workers Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues. In special reference to Competence of Colleagues and Unethical Conduct of Colleagues. Another Ethical Principle that this incident would fall under would be Code number four; Social Workers Ethical Responsibilities as Professionals. With an emphasis on the section of Competence, Dishonesty, Fraud, and Deception, Impairment, Misrepresentation. If he would have followed these codes in guiding his ethical decisions, future predicaments could have been prevented. In this scene, Tommy’s response was in a way predictable given his rank and status, but not correct. Given his “rookie” position and the way he

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