Essay on Ethical Issues Within Criminal Justice

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The basics of ethics are being right or wrong. This differs amongst cultures, races and religions. When conducting research on a particular society, researchers should be aware of what the society considers to be ethical and unethical (Maxfield & Babbie, 2011, p. 54). Several ethical issues in criminal justice can be very challenging because of the topics that are being studied such as drugs, racial profiling, human trafficking, gang involvement and several other illegal activities. Criminal justice research has also caused ethical issues with participants involved in the studies. The ethical issues include: voluntary participation, deceiving participants, legal liability, anonymity and confidentiality.
Voluntary participation has been an ethical issue in criminal justice research because many researchers have failed to elaborate on how participation in studies are strictly voluntary and if they do or do not participate, they will not gain or lose anything (Maxfield & Babbie, 2011, p.58). Anonymity and Confidentiality, is another ethical issue in crime and justice amongst research participants. Participants should be made aware of the difference between the two. For a participant to remain anonymous, a researcher cannot link any information regarding the person to the study. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the Belmont report (1979) states, “To show lack of respect for an autonomous agent is to repudiate that person 's considered judgments, to…

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