Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Ethical Dilemma: Donna and Wilma

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In this paper, you will be able to see how to apply professional values, codes of ethics, and decision-making model to the process of ethical decision-making. I chose to look at ethical dilemma number 4. In this dilemma, a client’s confidentiality has been breached; due to her counselor. The first approach is for me to identify the problem and apply the ACA code of ethics. I then identify the moral principles and list all possible courses of action that could betake. Also list all possible consequences for each action that could be taken. I then carefully review, after which I chose what I believe to be the most accurate course of
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In this case Donna believe that anything that was discussed in their counseling sections would remain confidential. “There are state and national organization That work to assist clients and professional counselors in taking the appropriate legal and ethical steps. The American Counseling Association provides free confidential professional/ethical consolations to members of the ACA. If a counselor is advice they van contact the ACA Ethics and Professional Standards Department to set up appointments. Counselors can also contact their state LPCA to receive information regarding the proper protocol for certain cases” (Ethics & Professional Standards, 2005).
There are several potential course of action in this case. Any course of action that would be taking would be fully up to Donna in this case. Donna could ignore the comments that Wilma made to her. Donna could talk to Wilma, and express that she didn’t appreciate how she addressed her personal issues in front of a stranger and while she was at work. Also let Wilma know she would appreciate if she wouldn’t do that again. After Donna address this issue with Wilma she could chose to keep her as her counselor or ask for a new counselor. Donna could also consult another counselor to determine the best course of action to take against Wilma. Lastly, Donna could contact ACA for legal and ethical advice regarding breach of confidentiality.
For each potential course of action there is a potential

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