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Ethical dilemmas are prevalent in all areas of life. In each helping profession, ethical guidelines and codes require that professionals act morally and in the best interest of the client. As a prospective counseling psychologist, I would need keen judgment to recognize and professional skills to handle an ethical dilemma. This paper details my personal experience of an ethical dilemma while working as a case manger. My objective is to identify the setting of the ethical dilemma, the ethical principles that apply to the dilemma, and how the dilemma was and should have been handled.

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Personal Report of an Ethical Dilemma

In the position of case manager, I faced ethical
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I believe that APA’s guidelines and principles set up a clear picture for when it is ethically feasible to engage in multiple relationships with clients and to accept gifts from them.

The Handling of the Ethical Dilemma

In this situation, I had several resources that I could have referred to for professional assistance in ethical dilemmas. In the following paragraphs, I will present the professional way the ethical situation could have been handle and the way the ethical situation was handled.

Professional Handling of the Dilemma

Professionally, it would have been appropriate for me to tell him firmly through my actions and words that I would not transport him anywhere in my car especially since he knew how to ride a bus. In response to the unapproved invitation to my car, I would not have moved toward the car because it implied I agreed to take him to his father’s job. Another option, I could have explored would be to have jumped into my car and left the client’s house quickly since we had already finished our home visit.

How the Dilemma was Handled

This is how I actually responded to this dilemma. After dropping the client off at his father’s jobsite, I declined to take any money or fill up my gas tank because he only had a twenty-dollar bill. This incident haunted me because I felt like he owed me

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