Ethical Dilemma Worksheet Essay

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Ethical Dilemma Worksheet

Incident Review

1. What is the ethical issue or problem? Identify the issue succinctly.

The ethical issue is that husband has been convicted but since he went to war he has the capacity of a ten year old and may digress further if he is locked up for longer than a short period of time.

2. What are the most important facts? Which facts have the most bearing on the ethical decision presented? Include any important potential economic, social, or political pressures, and exclude inconsequential facts.

The husband was found guilty and has been convicted. He will further digress if locked up and can thus become a further burden on the criminal justice system because
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Applying Ethical Guidelines

6. Consider each ethical guideline and explain whether it would support or reject your alternative.
Guidelines based on the action itself
Alternative A
Alternative B
Should this alternative become a rule or policy that everyone in this situation should follow in similar situations in the future? (Kant)
If a person does a crime then in retrospect they should do the time.
No this shouldn’t become a rule the husband does have a special circumstance.
Does this alternative result in using any person as a means to an end without consideration for his or her basic integrity? (Kant)
Is the intent of this action free from vested interest or ulterior motive? (Kant’s good will)
Does this alternative demonstrate a genuine concern for others affected by the decision, and is the moral agency responding to a perceived need?
No, It disregards the husband’s mental health concern.
Guidelines based on consequences
Alternative A
Alternative B
Is the good that results from this alternative outweighed by the potential harm that might be done to others? (Mill’s harm principle)
Is any harm brought about by anyone other than the moral agent? (causal harm)
Maybe, the husband may cause harm to others.

No harm with come to the moral agent.
Will anyone be harmed who can be said to be defenseless? (paternalism)
The husband in a sense is defenseless because he

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