Ethics: An Analysis Of Ethical Dilemmas

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The Ethical Dilemma Situation Ethical dilemmas are a recurring part of life. An ethical dilemma occurs when a situation happens that conflicts moral obligations and social ethical precepts. The decision is made based on morals and logical assessment to figure out which ethical ideal is more important in the situation. The choice is either the right choice, which will be difficult because of the cost involved or involve an individual struggle with person decision-making. Ethical dilemma situations allow people to investigate ethical questions by analyzing the valid points of the situation and making a final decision for themselves. The purpose of this paper is to analyze a particular situation of an ethical dilemma.
The Situation For example,
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Although the report was about the chief’s son, the corruption of informants has to stop. The natural law is a system that is based off “ a universal set of rights and wrongs that are similar to many religious beliefs, but without reference to a specific super natural figure” (Pollock, 2017, p. 31). The decision would be based on the deontological ethical system. The deontological ethical system suggests that as long as the decision is made with good intentions, it is considered good (Pollock, 2017, p. 34). This decision comes with the battle of being betrayed as a traitor to other officers and losing a career. However, no matter the outcome it is still the right thing to …show more content…
Most say people agree that ethics eliminate confusion and clarify the situation. However, everyone carries different ethics, as long as religious beliefs, so different ethical systems lead to different choices. There are no ethical systems that should never be used to guide ethical choices in criminal justice because the systems are guidelines to help eliminate confusion and clarify the situation.
In this situation, the right thing to do is to decline the job transfer and turn in the report above the chief and someone not related to the chief’s son. At times people have to remove themselves from the equation and remember what is right and wrong, even if it has an effect on them. If the chief’s son knew he could not handle being an office and obeying the oath he took, he should have removed himself.

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