Ethical Determinism And Ethical Egoism Essay

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Ethan and Mia just sat down at the Cozy Café, their favorite local restaurant and ordered their usual mea ls. They began eating in silence until Mia’s curiosity got the best of her and she blurted, “I just received the pamphlet in the mail asking me to donate to a child in a third- world country. I think that I should donate, but I was just wondering your opinion.” “Well, I personally think that whatever benefits you is the option you should pick. I don’t believe that it is my duty to care for them. I would do whatever is best for me,” replied Ethan. Mia raised her eyebrows and responded, “Oh so you’re an Egoist? We learned about that in my Introduction to Ethics class.” “Egoist? You act as if being an Egoist is a bad thing.” “I just don’t completely agree with ethical egoism. Ethical egoism insists that whatever we can, we should promote our own interests; where we cannot, we should at least do all we can to limit our losses (100).”1 To justify his stance Ethan stated, “Well, what would you do if you saw a women trip and fall? Unsure of how this was helping his case, Mia said, “Of course I would help her and make sure she was alright.” “I agree, I would do the same thing, but why would you help?” “Well I was always taught ‘the more we are blessed by God the more He expects us to help others.’2 Plus, helping others makes me feel good!” “Exactly!” exclaimed Ethan. “You help others because it makes you happy! That is a prime example of self-serving.” “Whoa, I’ve…

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