Ethical Behavior Is A Necessary Requirement For Professionals For Purposes Of Maintaining Public Confidence On Their Profession

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Ethical behavior is a necessary requirement for professionals for purposes of maintaining public confidence on their profession and the services they offer. Certified Public Accountants have similar ethical requirements to those found in other professions. There is a need for all professionals to be responsible, competent and provide services with great professional care. Since certified public accountants have a responsibility to users of financial statements, it is necessary for auditors to be independent both in appearance and fact. An auditor should be capable of upholding an impartial attitude throughout the auditing process and gain the faith and confidence of others on his or her independence. It is therefore, necessary for auditors to uphold moral principles by demonstrating dignity, equality, fairness and honesty in staying in line with the ethical behavior expected in their profession.
The independence of an auditor involves being objective in handling any task at hand by excluding compromise, prejudice, bias and taking impartial consideration on all issues. It is an ethical requirement for auditors to be objective in preparing financial statements in order to enhance independency and to avoid a conflict of interest between them and the entity under audit (Duska, Duska, & Ragatz, 2011). It is important to note that independence of the auditor enables the users of the financial statements to trust the validity of the results of the financial audit. This is because…

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