Essay on Ethical Aspects Of The Medical Profession

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The medical profession is plagued with ethical issues some which are related to profession and some others which are related to those areas that have a direct impact on health care delivery like pharmacists and pharma companies which sell medicines. Ethical discharge of duties are not binding on physicians and actual health care deliverers but is also invested in every person who is connected to health care delivery.
While examining the ethical impact of how health care professionals should discharge their duties to their profession and to the community and patient it is important that the guidelines issued by the Code of Ethics of the American College of Healthcare Executives are adhered to. These standards are meant to be used as standards for ethical behavior of executives in maintaining their professional relationship with colleagues, patients, health care organization, community and society. The Code of Ethics also incorporates standards of ethical behavior governing individual behavior, particularly when that conduct directly relates to the role and identity of the healthcare executive. (Lawler, 2000)
Since the ACHE code of ethics is directly related to professional behavior which is to improve the quality of life of the community ,dignity and well being of individuals who need health care interventions and ot endow the community with an efficient and effective health care system. (Lawler, 2000)
It is also directed according to the code of…

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