Essay: The Interesting Narrative Of The Life Of Olaudah Equiano

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Equiano’s autobiography, “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano,” tells readers – specifically the British Parliament – of his life experiences from his home country, Essaka, to voyaging through the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Throughout the three-part narrative, it is evident the backbone of his autobiography is religion. From his sole curiosity about a different religion to converting to Christianity, Equiano’s tenacious faith served him to a great advantage. The “providential hand of God” (176) guided Equiano’s voluntary and involuntary travels. Thereupon, these next paragraphs, I will discuss how Equiano’s faith helped him endure and come out prosperous during his time enslaved.
Years before the kidnapping of Olaudah Equiano, along with his sister, his memory of the mundane village give readers a glimpse as to who the natives worship. In comparison to Christianity, they too believed “that there is one Creator of all things.” (42) On the other hand, according to Equiano’s memory, there is no doctrine of eternal life ; rather they would give offerings to the dead. Interestingly, Equiano shares that his culture shares similar practices of the Jews. For instance, boys are circumcised, they have offerings and feasts that were no different
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At the chance to return to Old England, he chooses to stay with his master because of “remembering the old maxim, that ‘honesty is the best policy,’” (111). Evidently enough, Equiano knew he made the right decision, and he was able to use that situation to his advantage. Convincing his master to not sell him, he argued his loyalty, and the fact that it is God’s will that he would become free someday. Amazingly, Equiano accepts the fact he is enslaved gracefully; not saying he is comfortable with his position because he does express his desire to be free. I noticed how his faith brings him peace whatever situation he

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