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Why Didn 't You Listen To Me? Suicidal attempts were once seen as a federal offense in very few countries law system up until 1961 (England). Around 12.9 out of 100,000 individuals decide to take their own life due to a temporary situation, suicide is an essential topic in today’s society that we often lack a lot of knowledge about and is often disregarded until situations are publicized or too late. There are about 117 suicide deaths a day, many of these cases could be prevented if they were to receive help or attention from someone they know or trust. Someone who decides to commit suicide feel as if they have come to their last straw, many of these victims have tried to reach out to at least one person around them that hey may have …show more content…
Firearms are often used during these situations because they believe the death will be faster and less painful. Suffocation which is listed as number two, is a method that is used because they feel it causes less of a mess, and seems to be a very simple task. With the lack of blood and oxygen being transported to your brain it seems like a pretty peaceful and painless death, in reality it is actually longer and a lot more painful, and they often regret their decision in the process of dying, sort of like jumpers. The third and most uncommon method of suicide used is poisoning, this methods is taken into action mostly when under an emotional stress. The process is often done by downing over the counter drugs until they feel they have been placed in a different world. As if their body becomes overdosed and eventually being forced to shut down. To them this may be the slowest death but it is the least painful. Even Though these are the top 3 leading methods of suicide according to there are many other methods that are often not notices such as Falling (2.3%), Cutting ( 1.8%), Drowning (1.1%), Fire/ Burning (0.4%), and Transportation Related …show more content…
They are actually the lowest age group to commit suicide, this may be hard to believe due to kids at a young age suffering from being bullied. Bullying is known to be one out of ten reasons of suicide but it sure isn 't in the top numbers. Bullying can be done in numerous ways such as: 1.Physical Bullying, which is the most common and known form in today 's society. 2. Relational Aggression Bullying also known as emotional bullying is a form of bullying used when someone is spreading rumors, lies or just gossiping about another individual breaking their confidence and cause them to act out. 3. Verbal Bullying is expressed through the choice of someone 's words used in ways such as name calling and teasing. 5. Sexual Bullying a form of bullying that targets someone 's sexuality. 6. Pre judicial Bullying has almost all types of bullying in one but is a main target towards someone race, religion, and sexual orientation. Last but not least is 7.Cyberbullying a very popular form of bullying in today 's society, an example of this would be a young girl by the age of 18 from Texas by the name of Brandy. According to The New York Post she “committed suicide in front of her family at their Texas home after what relatives say were months of relentless torment on social media. People who are bullied

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