Essay On The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

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Walter Mitty is the protagonist character from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, directed by Ben Stiller. Mitty is a kind of person who daydreams a lot. He spends quite a lot of time imagining that he is someone else. He creates an imaginary world where he is happy and brave. But in real, he is an average ordinary person, living a normal, boring life. He works as a Negative Asset manager at a Life magazine. He is attracted towards his co-worker Cheryl Melhoff, but is quite afraid and does not have that nerve to go and talk to her. However, being a daydreamer he imagines a lot about Cheryl and him being together. It all changes when his workplace has a new boss, Ted Hendricks who introduces Life magazine online.
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He experienced a whole new adventure. Throughout his journey he never hesitated doing out new things instead he faced all his fears and went for everything that came his way. He no longer was person who used to day-dream. He built himself as a courageous person and underwent a self-growth. He not only achieves his goal of finding Sean and saving Life magazine but also achieves his lady-love Cheryl's love and trust. Mitty through his journey develops his profile.
If Mitty had refused to go for a journey he would not have grown up as a new person. He would still be day-dreaming and wandering around. He would not be able to develop his profile and express his love to Cheryl.
In the film the journey transforms the protagonist completely. The loosing of negative in the film is a call for an adventure and this adventure turns out to be a hero's journey. The protagonist first refuses to go for the journey but later goes for it and achieves the goal. This journey transforms the protagonist from who he was to a complete new person. The protagonist becomes a strong and a courageous person through the journey which therefore in the film can be considered as a heroes'

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