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The long-lasting legacy of Rome has significantly influenced the modern world. But what core characteristics set this empire apart from others? Their militaristic backbone is definitely what gained the Roman Empire great success in expansion, which also led to adopting aspects of many cultures. Ancient Rome had their eyes set on expansion and never gave up an opportunity to do so. As a result, the Roman Empire had expanded from Spain to parts of Asia and from Egypt to Britain. They demanded tax, soldiers, and slaves from their foreign provinces. The only way foreigners under the reign of Rome could gain citizenship was with military service, which only fueled their already powerful empire more. (Fiero 139)
This empire was beyond organized
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Using their military excellence, the Romans became quite good at adopting other nations’ culture. When it came to philosophical thought, the Romans borrowed from many. From Democritus and Leucippus, Romans believed only what they could see. Denying any existence of an all powerful god and other supernatural beings (Fiero 143). Other Romans borrowed from the Stoics and believed that there was an unseen god that governed the world. Romans love for knowledge doesn’t stop at the theoretical sense, they introduced the world to the first encyclopedias, documents of geography, and instruction manuals. They had a talent in collecting factual information greater than any other nation at the time. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius was taken account of in great detail by Pliny the Younger and a 37 volume encyclopedia Natural History was written by Pliny the Elder. Many of the knowledge that came from Ancient Rome is still used today. Although highly updated, Claudius Galen wrote many medical treatises that became the bases for Western medical practice. Their advanced knowledge was also useful in the daily life of citizens. The use of water power for milling grain, strategic network of roads, system of aqueducts, and the technique of glassblowing all made life easier for the average Ancient Rome citizen. (Fiero 152) Thanks to Caesar, the Romans were also the first to implement institutions …show more content…
As appose to other nation’s, the Romans liked to pay a close attention to detail. You can see that aspect of this culture by looking at their sculptures. The sculptures were typically of the upper class and directly reflected the personality and character of who the sculpture was of, something other cultures previously did not do. The sculptures were made with such precision and appreciation of naturalistic detail that some seemed to have been an exact replica of the person they were based off of. The paintings of this time were the first to include this realistic style. In Boscoreale, there is a villa that has frescoes painted on the walls so detailed that it makes an illusion that you really are looking at the gardens and buildings that they portray (Fiero 163). The Romans had an appreciation for showing the everyday lives of citizens and the natural landscapes, which also sets them apart from many other

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