Essay On The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The expansion and evolution of the Roman Empire occurred over hundreds of years. The Roman Empire expanded to its height in the second century C.E. stretching three thousand miles from Britain to Egypt, with a border nearly six thousand miles long. This evolution brought with it adverse changes which greatly impacted the strength of the Roman Empire. The deterioration of the army greatly contributed to the demise of the Roman Empire. Many things can be attributed to the military’s crucial role in the fall of the Roman Western Empire. These things include internal problems within the army, poor tactical and political decisions, and detrimental invasions from the barbarians. The Roman Empire’s army, a once strong and formidable force, was weakened due to economic, social, and political issues. In Arther Ferrill’s book, The Fall of the Roman Empire, the author’s …show more content…
The impact of the military’s internal problems, poor tactical and political decisions, and detrimental invasions from the barbarians resulted in the eventual collapse of the empire. The immense cost of running and maintaining such a large military put a huge strain on Rome’s economy and society. Heavy taxation, political edicts, and corruption caused Romans to distrust and lose a willingness to support the Empire. Policies such as annual constrictions, the recruitment of barbarians, and the less stringent training regiments further weakened the army and caused dysfunction and disorganization among its soldiers. Division of the Eastern and Western Empires and efforts to defend massive territories put an enormous strain on the military especially for those in the west. Enemy invaders used these problems to their advantage to wage attacks against the Roman Empire. In a weakened state, especially in the west, the decline of the military greatly contributed to the fall of the Roman

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