Essay On The Berlin Wall Memorial

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Berlin is a city located in the east of Germany. To the east, Germany borders Poland and the Czech Republic, to the west, it borders France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, and to the south it borders Austria and Switzerland. Germany’s northern border accesses the North and Baltic Sea and Denmark. Germany is located in the College Board region of Western Europe.

The first place I would visit would be the Philharmonie to see the Berlin Philharmonic perform there. The Philharmonie is home to some of the world’s most prestigious classical music performers. The Philharmonie is connected to Unit III Cultural Patterns and Processes because it demonstrates how cultural landscapes are amalgamations of physical features, agricultural and industrial
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The remnants of this terrible time in history have been redone by the German government into a haunting memorial. The Berlin Wall Memorial is connected to Unit IV Political Organization of Space by exemplifying how independence movements and democratization have shaped the political map since the end of World War II. The wall split Germany into to two parts. East Germany, or the German Democratic Republic, was under Soviet control and was therefore governed by communistic laws. West Germany, or the Federal Republic of Germany, consisted of French, British, and American territories unified. Thus, West Germany was democratic. The Berlin Wall prevented people from leaving East Germany due to the terrible conditions, poverty and stringent rules of their government. In 1989, the wall was torn down and the remaining portions were destroyed by people taking pieces of the wall for themselves. However, the intact portions were created into a memorial that is a reminder of how the country divided, and the people that were lost trying to flee East Germany. The unifying, dividing and reconstructing of Germany shows how democratization has shaped the map post World War

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