Essay On Super Power

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Register to read the introduction… And it would not be wrong to link its rise a super power to the results and events of World War II. The characteristics of super power are firstly having a strong stable economy, secondly overpowering military, thirdly immense international political power and lastly strong national ideology. Before the war America was seen as a great power along with many other powerful strong nations like Russia and Britain. It was only after the war that The United States of America emerged as a strong super power and still holds that position. Even in years before the war America was amongst the largest producers in the world. At that time there was no country that had that immense power over the international system. Britain and France were in imperial decline which caused them to lose their international standing. Although America from the start had a stable economy due to the presence of natural resources like oil and steel. Yet its rise to super power was when it surpassed Europe as a major power. Europe was a part of many large destructive wars that left it completely bankrupt and destroyed most of its infra structure which lead to the fall of Europe. Europe being directly involved in wars like the World War I and World War II left it far behind in the race of super powers. America which was although involved in the World War II faced much less damaged compared to the destruction faced by Europe. Soviet Union also a major power failed in the race of super power because of the damages it faced from the World War II but mainly it dropped out because of the fall of the So that left America as the only dominating power in the world which had a stable and large economy with a huge military advantage and immense power over international

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