Essay On Shingles

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Shingles is a virus that spread quickly and causes a rash. Even though it isn't really life-threatening its highly painful. Shingles can show up on different parts of the body. It could show up as an arrangement of blister that goes around the body part or area. Shingles are caused by a herpesvirus that also causes chickenpox. After chickenpox has occurred, shingles could occur in the body within years later. People who develop shingles could have vision loss, neurological problems, skin infections, and postherpetic neuralgia that is severe pain in the nerves where the area was affected.

Shingles have existed since the Middle Ages. Shingles were mixed up with smallpox since it was similar at the time.Older adults could be affected with shingles. The risk of shingles increases with age. Shingles occur in the nervous system after chickenpox had finished recovering. Shingles are most common in people older than 50 years old. Pain is the first sign of shingles.Wherever the pain is located it could be mistaken for lungs, heart, and kidney problems.The signs and symptoms of shingles could occur on one side of the body, burning, hurting when being touched, loss of feeling, rash and blisters are a signs and symptoms of shingles. The shingles rash could last to about 2 weeks and go away in about 2 to 4 weeks. Also, Shingles could cause blindness
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Also, there is a medication called Analgesics that is a pain killer that relieve pain in nerves. A wet compress on affected area, calamine lotion and oatmeal baths for itching, and rashes could be used for treatment.Shingles could last about two and six weeks. Most people get shingles only once in their lifetime, but it could be possible to get it multiple

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