Essay On Seminole Indians

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Amongst all the Native American tribes in the history of the United States, the Seminole Indians are one of the most notable tribes to ever exist. They first originated in North Florida and then even moved south to the area around the Everglades. Proof that this tribe was dominant is the fact that it still exists today. While land expansion continued in the Early America days, the Native Americans were commonly forcefully removed out of their land. However, the Seminoles refused to surrender to the United States and they were not driven out of their territory. The Seminoles were often on the move and had a diverse way of life. They are well known for being the “Unconquered Tribe.” There are many well-known Seminoles that played huge roles in the success of this remarkable tribe. The name “Seminole” originates from the Spanish word “Cimarron” which translates to …show more content…
Fish were speared from canoes while otter, raccoon, bobcats, turtle, alligator, and birds. When new grass would grow in the fields, the deer came to feed on the grass, and the Seminole would then catch the deer. The Seminole did not tend their crops. The land was filled with wild pineapples, guava, oranges, mulberry trees, and mangos. They lived off cane sugar and all food was sweetened with it. Each village had an eating-house. This was the biggest house in the village. The women prepared and cooked food for the entire village. Everyone ate together and ate with their fingers. Breakfast and lunch were their two big meals. The Seminole tribe is notable for its resistance to the United States government in its attempt to relocate the Native Americans. The First and Second Seminole war both resulted from the Seminole resistance. Andrew Jackson was president at time and after both of the wars, the United States gained a loss. Over twenty million dollars had been spent and over 1,500 American soldiers had died and no peace treaty had been

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