Essay On Production Of Cars In The 1920s

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The mass production of cars in the 1920’s relates to the materialism and recklessness shown in Gatsby’s car. Before this time cars were new and many people did not have them because they were too expensive. Once the assembly line was created and was put to use cars became easily creatable and were being mass produced let alone the cost of them went down greatly. The people of this time that got cars would drive and use them to get from work to home faster which meant they could now live farther away from work without having to worry about taking to long to get to work. People were not ready to handle this sort of responsibility because at this time everyone began spending their money at no expense, they also began to buy everything their little …show more content…
Women weren’t usually hired so the ones that were were a lucky and although they were working they didn 't receive the same amount of pay as the men. Children sometimes also needed to work just so their family could survive and since children were less than men they too were paid a very small amount. This overproduction of cars was a problem as it not only meant that the amount of cars that were being produced was larger than the amount of people buying cars or the amount of cars being sold but the idea of mass production was being spread and now people were living lives that revolved around spending their money until they didnt have anymore. This sort of carelessness was what led to the great depression and the inability to bounce back. People saw after the depression that this idea was a problem that would take a lot of time to bounce back and in the mean time of all of the being poor lived worse lives than what they had been living. Many were forced to go to shelters as they lost their homes and they couldn 't buy food so they went and got food from food banks and places that gave food but the large amount of people that went there meant that there could be a possibility that some people might not get

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