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In order to fully understand the concept of music therapy consumption and projected usefulness in health sector, it is essential to compare patients based in different locations and diagnosed with varied conditions. As such, this study will formulate research question and conduct a research with a goal of determining whether there is a difference between music therapy in home hospice and nursing home hospice settings. Ultimately, the research will seek to determine whether the case study under consideration answers the research question.
Research question
The following research question will be applied in this study:
 Is there a significant difference on music therapy
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Notably, random sampling method was applied in the research. This ensures that error that result from bias are zero rated in the research. Moreover, random sampling is easy to apply as well as accurate in cases of large population under study, as was the case with music therapy. Overall, the selected sample represents 17 percent of entire population of study in the research conducted. However, the sample size is below 43%, which is the ideal percentage at 95% confidence interval. Therefore, it may lead to error emanating from small sample …show more content…
Generally, there exists significant difference between music therapy delivery between home hospice and nursing home hospice as indicated in the research (Journal of Music Therapy, p.388). Therefore, the research adequately answers the study question. In regard to patients living in nursing home, there is high chance that they are female, aged, unmarried, suffering from dementia as well as cancer and of Caucasian decent. Therefore, music therapy will be used in specialized cases such as dementia. On the other hand, home based hospice patients high rate of referrals can be explained by family and emotional reasons as well as spiritual matters while the nursing home hospice patients were affected by isolation and prevalent quality of life. Therefore, the disparity in music therapy emanates from the primary diagnosis as well as the location of the

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