Essay On Mesopotamia

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Mesopotamia was a place between two rivers. Mesopotamia is often called the land between two rivers. The rivers that Mesopotamia are called the Tigris river and the Euphrates river. It is in the middle of modern Iraq. mesopotamia is known for its rich soil, which is formed by the rivers. They created the first written language and the first official religion. Three different groups of people lived here. These groups were the Sumerians, the akkadians, and the Babylonians. Sumerians were the first people to live in this area. They lived between 3500 bce and 2370 bce. They created the prayer. The akkadians were the second group of people who lived in Mesopotamia. They lived between 2370 bce and 2100 bce. They created the code of ur nammu. The last group of people to live in Mesopotamia were the Babylonians. They lived between 1900 bce and 1500 bce. The Babylonians created Hammurabi's code. These people that lived in Mesopotamia valued many things. These things were important to them. According to the prayer, the code of ur nammu, …show more content…
They had one of the first religions in the world. They were polytheistic, meaning they had more than one god/ goddess. They had over 200 gods/goddess. In the father's advice to his son, the father tells his son to worship the gods/goddesses. This proves that worshiping the gods/ goddesses was an import part of their religion. In Hammurabi's code and the code of ur nammu, there were laws that left your punishment to the gods/ goddesses. You had to jump into the river and if the gods/ goddesses thought that you were innocent, you did not die, but if the gods/ goddesses thought you were guilty, you would drown. Most people in mesopotamia did not know how to swim, which is what they had to do to live, so most people died. They had a prayer that was about a man trying to get forgiveness from the gods. This proves that they had gods/ goddesses, which was probably an important part of their

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