Personal Narrative: My Journey To Become A Successful College Student

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The more we grow and the more life passes by, our definition of “success” changes here and there. As a kindergartner, maybe being a superhero might have been your dream come true when it came to success. In middle school, your mom would not stop nagging you to get off your Playstation because she would say it is rotting your brain. But she did not want to understand your love and passion for videogames and how you would see yourself being a video game designer in the real world one day. All of these are minor but real examples of how our views and perspectives in life varies. No matter what your dream job is, there will always be those small steps you will need to achieve first in order to reach the big picture. Especially in college, where …show more content…
However, there are certain ones that I have learned throughout this course that have helped me the most. The one that is at the top of my list is to stay motivated. Easier said than done. For instance, it is not easy for me staying motivated in an algebra class since I am planning on becoming a scientist. Yet, I learned it is important to think of the long term goal. That algebra class is a requirement for me to be able to move forward to my major courses. If I decide to skip that class it can cause me to not only lose the money I paid, but it will result in me failing that class and having to retake it next semester. That would mean losing time and it would set me behind from taking the classes that I am highly interested in. It takes a high level of motivation to keep going and push myself to the furthest extent. It is not easy in any way but I have learned in order to be successful, I need to work hard. Even if it means sitting two hours finding the value of …show more content…
Because of the fact I have to balance my school, work, and relationships with friends and family, it can become overwhelming not knowing how to balance these things out. Before making to do lists, not only will I get stressed because of school work due the next day, but also knowing I had to work the next day early in the morning, or my family asking to hang out with me and so on. Having a list I can make sure when a specific assignment is due so I won’t have to stay up the night before trying to complete it. And I can make specific days family days. If you never learn to manage stress, it can cause you to give up on school because you will begin to think it is an overload. When in reality all you need to do is get organized.
In conclusion, no matter what your idea of success is, there will always be the little steps you will need to take first. It may seem you are far away from your big goal at the moment, but keep pushing forward and you will make yourself proud in the long run. Nobody said it would be easy, but I promise that it will be worth

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