Oedipus The King Fate Vs Free Will

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One mistake Oedipus and his birth family make during the tragedy Oedipus the King is trying to avoid fate. By trying to avoid what was foretold to him and his family, they tried to run away from the problem, which only Oedipus’s fate come true. Had they not listened, not believed in "fate", the question is whether he would have ever made any of that come true. Though the main question throughout the tale is; can we control our fate, or are we not in control of the outcomes in our life? In my experience, we control our own destiny, no dumb luck or chance. We all come across obstacles that test what we know along the way, but throughout our lives, our success ultimately centers on how we respond to them. Take Oedipus’s tragedy; I would argue that the prophecy was completed based on a lifetime of bad decisions and close-mindedness. A lot of success and …show more content…
Those with terrible journeys like losing someone close to them, born or develop a disease or handicap will most likely respond with a no. Many good people experience different forms of pain so it can be concluded that we don’t always get what we deserve. Then again could those who suffer be paying the price for the faults others have committed? This question can create the idea that what we do can not only affect us directly but indirectly and hurt other we care the most about. This could be shown in the tragedy of Oedipus the King when Queen Jocasta and King Laius believed in the fate that their son Oedipus will kill Laius and sleep with Jocasta. Both believed in destiny, at the time, and left their son out in the wilderness to die, instead of facing the prophecy and raising Oedipus to be their son and knowing that the prophecy could change due to actions in between. The questions I previously asked have no certain or ultimate answer. However, everything depends on our determination and our strength to defeat obstacles we meet on our life’s

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