Ectopic Pregnancy Essay

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When fertilized eggs do not implant in the normal location with is in the uterus wall it is called an ectopic pregnancy. The history and data show us that there is many different death because of this pregnancy. Because there was no diagnoses for this for some time as well as knowledge of cause so many women would die because of the fallopian tube ruptures.

In 1960s pregnancy test did not give positive results until approximately 6 menstrual weeks (history and diagnosis). Even though sometime there is sometime no problem in finding out later but it should be found even sooner 5 weeks or less so that there won’t be any drastic problems done to the women. In the late 1960s the ultrasound was developed along with a sensitive and accurate test
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This is the cause of women having the egg implant it’s self in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, outside the uterus or attached to the bowl. So it can cause an artery that is right outside the fallopian tube to rupture and cause a sever bleed.

Some of the cause for an ectopic pregnancy is when there is inflammation or infection like salinities in the fallopian tube. Also scar tissue for different surgery form from previous ectopic pregnancies, abortions many times, and tubal ligation. Another cause is because of the age of the women if she is thirty-five years old or older it can cause for the embryo not to reach to where it need to be implanted. Fertility issues, fertility drugs, IUDs and drugs are causes to.

When these cause start to take place and gets a women to have an ectopic pregnancy then the symptoms that it causes will start to take effect. Some are like vaginal bleeding if this start to happen then it is best to go and to the doctor to have it checked out immediately because you can have a ruptured fallopian tubes. But by the time that happens even though at time her is no symptoms but there is some that you will have like pain in the abdomen and different pain around your body. As well as normal symptoms as if it was a normal pregnancy like vomiting, nausea dizziness, weakness and missing periods. As well as many more that will give you hints of

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