Essay On Earthquake In Chile

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On the 27th of February, 325 kilometres southwest of Santiago at 3:34 am an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck offshore central Chile leaving 122 aftershocks of magnitude 5.0 or greater which is The intense trembling lasted for around three minutes causing large-scale damage and affected approximately 80% of the population and leaving over a million without a home.

Coastal Chile is well known for having deadly earthquakes, with a series of thirteen earthquakes 7.0 magnitude or higher since 1973. Many people may wonder what causes such fatalities and it is the tectonic plates.

The Earth’s crust and upper mantle, also known as the lithosphere are made up of seventeen pieces know as Tectonic plates. Because directly below the crust is a deep liquid layer underneath the crust is which results in the plates shifting around.The boundaries of a tectonic plate are either known as divergent boundaries(two plates moving away from each other) , convergent boundaries (two plates pushing against each other) subduction zones(one plate going underneath the other) or transform boundaries
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Since Chile is a first world country, the earthquake does not impact them to much economically compared if the earthquake had happened in a third world country. Even though Chile might be a first world country Earthquakes can easily cause a sharp increase in poverty. The social impact on the country post-earthquake can affect Chile resident for a lifetime especially those who have been personally affected by the disaster from loss of mail members etc.. Socially the community is more experience and prepared for these devastating disaster then other countries would be since earthquakes are quite frequent and the government can make changes in order to prevent too much damage.Not only does earthquakes impact society both socially and economically it also affects the biosphere and the

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