Essay On Dill In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird is a story set in the the 1930’s, in the small, prejudice filled town of Maycomb, Alabama. The story is narrated by Jean Finch, who goes by the name of Scout during the novel. To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel that portrays how innocence can be injured or destroyed through contact with evil.
Scout and her older brother, Jem, are best friends with their neighbor, Dill. Dill is a young boy who comes down to live with his aunt every summer. Scout, Jem, and Dill spend all summer trying to lure a recluse, Boo Radley, out of his home. Boo was a good kid, but abused as a child, and forced to stay inside by his violent father. He is now grown and confides in the solitary walls of his home. When summer ends and school starts, Dill
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After an event, Scout and Jem are attacked by Bob Ewell. Bob tries to stab Scout. Bob fails, but Scout is dragged away by Jem, until Bob recuperates and strikes again. Jem somehow breaks his arm, while a mystery man kills Bob with his own knife. Scout feels on the ground for Jem, but only finds Bob’s body. She looks up to see her rescuer carrying Jem back to their house.
They arrive at Scout’s house, but Scout doesn’t recognize the rescuer. Atticus handles the situation, calling Heck Tate, the sheriff. Scout soon realizes that her savior was Boo Radley. Heck and Atticus decided that the issue should be hushed. They came to a conclusion that Bob tripped and fell onto his own knife after he tried to stab Scout.
In the novel, innocent people represent the mockingbird. Atticus stood up for what he believed in, and did not follow the norm of southern society, and was ridiculed for it. Tom was wrongfully accused and sentenced for a crime he didn’t commit. Boo was molded from a innocent young boy into a reclusive man by his abusive father. These are all examples of why To Kill a Mockingbird is a story that portrays how innocence can be injured or destroyed through contact with

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