Essay On Cultural Values In The Workspace

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Cultural Values and Assumption in the Workspace Different countries have different cultural values. The American culture is filled with exciting and surprising things that I have never encountered in my culture. One way to understand cultural values is through movies. Movies to some extent expose the cultural values of a particular country. Hollywood movies give a brief insight into the American culture. The movie that I have watched is called The Internship. The movie emphasizes the cultural values in the workspace of Google, which is a leading technology company in America. The plot of the movie is about Nick and bill, who have lost their jobs as salesmen, have managed to get an internship at Google. They are the oldest among …show more content…
It penetrates the society of the American culture. Americans are often praised as hard working people or get the job done. Competition is everywhere due to the diversity of cultures. Furthermore, this can be seen not only in the sports events and workspace, but also school and extracurricular activities as well. Sometimes the competition is very intense. For instance, in the movie Nick and Bill’s team had to play an outdoor game which requires teamwork. The intensity of competition and the desire to win is so high that the opposing group set-out to use foul play. While in Burma, we are not as competitive as Americans in the workspace, but when it comes to soccer we are very competitive. The roar of the crowd sometimes trembles the walls of the stadium. When it comes to competing in the workspace, we are not very active. This might be from under the oppression of the military regime for fifty long years. Consequently, the economy toppled and people have lived harsh lives. The doors were closed to international trade. My grandpa had told me about the glorious days that have left behind us. He had told me about how we were the number one exporter of rice. This shows how culture can be influenced by extrinsic …show more content…
Americans are both informal in their behavior and interaction with people. They greet you with their first names and call others by their first names. In addition, the big companies are not using a dress code anymore. When I first watched the movie, I saw that no one was wearing uniforms at Google in the movie, so I was confused. What I have picture big global companies in my mind was suit and tie. In Burma the all major business companies wear suit and tie or sometimes uniform regarding to the job of the person. Moreover, the structure of American companies is flexible whereas the in my companies have a very bureaucratic structure. The formality in workspace for the Burmese people is very

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