Essay On Criminal Justice System

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As the world changes everything has to change with it in order to make progress. Sometimes that is a great thing that needs to happen or it could be the complete opposite of what we were looking for. For instance, let’s look at the current situation with the police departments and the courts. The media is bringing more attention to excessive police officer aggression on civilians. As well as, how Judges are giving an excessive amount of time to offenders for petty crime. What are we supposed to think about the Criminal Justice system?
My daily routine is to get up and watch the news in the morning after my children get ready for school, and all I see is the violence that is occurring today. The same goes when I watch the news in the evening
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Regardless of how they work in the inside is fine with me. I feel the way that the administration of the justice organization is going is there is less corruption because there is hierarchy or a bureaucratic system (Stojkovic, Klofas, & Kalinich, 2004, p. 7). I want more protection for police officers in my town, at least I know that they are taking their job serious and if they don’t then they will be accountable for their actions. It does not bother me that there is a high sentencing rate amount when it comes to repeated offenders or even first time offenders. I am a firm believer of deterrence when it comes to the criminal justice system. If I don’t feel safe in the place that I live because of the increasing violence that is going on how can I raise my children in a safe environment to where they have to worry about see a criminal act when they are playing …show more content…
It is because of the increasing riots that has been happening all over the world, and the fear of not coming home when they put on their uniforms. As for the courts if we continue to give fewer year sentencing for crimes it does not show a lower recidivism rate. We need to make an impact on those who choose to disobey they the law, I want to know because of the high sentencing rate will ensure that they will not do it again, instead of getting a slap on the wrist. The reason that the world is how it is today being because that we are not strict on those who do criminal acts. There needs to be fear in the eyes of those who choose to do wrong, so they can be productive citizens and obey the law, not the other way around. Therefore, I will always be on the side of the law, I have an understanding of how the law works, I understand why the administration of the justice organization is making these changes and it is not because of the television shows that I

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