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Language it is a system used by humans to communicate. It uses arbitrary signals like gestures, voice sound or and written symbols too convey message. Language is considered to be purely human. They use language in a non instinctive method to communicate their ideas, desires, and emotions by means of producing voluntary symbols (Matthews, 2014).
The scientific study of language is known as linguistics. It is estimated that the number of languages in the world vary from 5000 to 7,000.natural languages can easily be spoken or be signed. Language can also be programmed into secondary media through the use of auditory, tactile stimuli and visual.
Dialect; this is a form of language that is usually spoken in specific areas and it commonly use grammar,
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Unlike pidgin which is a simplified form of language that commonly develops so as to facilitate communication between different groups, a Creole is considered to be a complete language that is used in a community and is acquired by children of these communities as their main or native language (Radford, 2000).
There is no particular known number of Creole languages as many of these languages are poorly documented. It is estimated that over 100 Creole languages have developed since 1500.most Creole language are predominantly used in Europe. It mainly develops as a result of slave trade and also the age of discovery.
Language, Creole and dialect cannot be defined only using linguistic because linguistic is considered to be the scientific study of language and specifically language form. Linguistic mainly analyzes human lingo as a system build up on related sounds and signs and contain related meanings. It also focuses on phonetic studies and the articulator properties of perception and production of both non- speech and speech sound (Radford,
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This is a way of speaking that emerges within a specific social setting depending on a subject matter. It also focuses on dialect and finally structures that help in enhancing the understanding level of a specific language (Lyons, 1983). Linguistic theories do none focus Creole. Most of the Creole developed from the pidgin. Most vocabularies that are found in a Creole language were largely obtained from the parenting languages and particularly the languages that are considered to be dominant. However, Creole usually contains clear semantic and phonetic shifts and may contain features that have widely evolved making them to substantially differ from their parent language(Nunberg,

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