Essay On Colour Disparity In America

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At the Bottom of the Color Hierarchy in Post-Racial America
The opposing natures of black and white have endured controversy for centuries. The color black has evolved past several meanings in the course of history. In Ancient Eastern times, the hue represented power and magnitude, a great sign of wealth and life. Yet, as the centuries have progressed and new civilizations formed, the once encouraging color’s image has faded and taken its resigned role as a mark of impurity. Color prejudice has established a deep resentment within America’s roots. The disparity that lies between the teachings of early civilizations versus those taught now highlights the biased values advertised in Western society. The teachings of prior Ancient philosophers provide no scientific backing to
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More often than not, news outlets overflow with the discussion of race spurred injustice and conflict. Within America, there is a large divide in how society perceives the color black versus its positive portrayal throughout the Eastern culture. Though the symbol may take on a more individualized meaning depending on the region, it is obvious that its negative presence is gradually becoming universally acknowledged and practiced with America’s influence. Even as the melting pot of a plethora of cultures and ethnicities, America is quite divided in its cultural acceptance and identity. The history of America on slavery and racial prejudice against minorities, particularly Africans and African Americans, enforces the negative views society holds now. Many continue to hold these injustices against the Black population, stripping them of their importance and power to cast them as a lesser being. Although Western society as a whole has progressed from those days, it was only within the last few decades that the Civil Rights movement somewhat successfully promoted integration within

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