Essay On Christmas In Spain

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These are the traditions of Spain on Christmas Eve, tiny oil lamps are lit in every house, as the stars start to come out and after Midnight Mass and Christmas Dinner, streets fill with dancers and onlookers. Christmas in Spain is a time of decorations, joy, Christmas carols, and festive street lights. "Hogueras" (bonfires), this tradition originated long before Christmas. It is the observance of the shortest day of the year. The true mark of the beginning of Christmas in Spain is the Spanish national lottery draw held on December 22nd. ‘El Gordo’ is the largest national lottery in the world. On the night of New year's eve, called "Nochevieja" in Spain, everyone fulfils a special tradition they eat twelve grapes, keeping time with the clock …show more content…
Located in far southwestern Europe Spain is geographically positioned in the northern, as well as the eastern and western hemispheres. Spain is bordered by the countries of Andorra, France and Portugal, and the British colony of Gibraltar. Spain is mostly an urban population with a percentage of 79.6%. The capital of spain is Madrid and Barcelona. The general geography of Spain is the Meseta Plateau which is rarely flat, and is in reality a mostly hilly highland area divided by the Cordillera Central (mountains). Now the climate Unless you're in Andalusia, the year starts cold in Spain. Hardest hit are the high altitude central cities like Salamanca, Madrid and Toledo. In Spain winter is a bad thing because they lose all their tourist and make no money. Christmas in Spain usually starts on December 22nd and ends January 7th. One of the traditions in Spain is called Easter week it starts the end of March or the start of April depending on when the first full moon is. If you are invited to a Spaniards house, the Spanish gift giving custom is to bring a box chocolates, desserts such as pastries, or a bottle of high quality wine. While its practice is completely voluntary, many restaurant patrons choose to leave a modest tip of around 5-10% after a

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